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Signature Presentations

I have shared these presentations as keynotes, breakouts and workshops. Each can be  fully customized to meet the needs of your audience.


Happiness Fitness
Everyone encounters tough times in their life but not everyone lets those challenges keep them down. Learn how to increase your resilience and your happiness fitness using strategies similar to those we use to build our physical fitness (no sit-ups required!).
This discussion will share recent scientific research into positive psychology and the phenomenon known as post traumatic growth.

Up Your Love Game
What's in your backpack? We all carry around an invisible (but heavy!) backpack filled with things like shame, regret and fear. In this session we will explore how to unpack that bag with love and forgiveness. With a lightened load, we can better focus on our legacy by upping our love game - for ourselves, for our family and friends and for the greater world. 

The Art & Science of Gratitude
Gratitude is the very basis of joy - learn the science of how your brain is wired to react to gratitude and negativity as well as practical ideas you can implement TODAY for developing a gratitude practice, expressing your gratitude toward others, and getting more of this happiness-builder in your life!

How to Get More FUN in Your Life
Remember when you were a kid and pretty much everything you did was fun? We played and explored and laughed every day. Sometimes, as we get older, we feel that time for fun and play is over. Not true! We may change our definition of what’s fun or what we are physically capable of doing, but we must NEVER stop looking for the fun in life! In this workshop, we’ll talk about how we can do this.

Journey Through Illness
What to pack for a trip you never wanted to take, who you might meet on the journey, the experience of the caregiver in the seat next to you, and the souvenirs you can hope to bring back. There is meaning and purpose and yes, there can even be joy, in this journey. 

The Creative Leader:   
How to Unleash Your Creativity and Inspire the Best Ideas, Solutions and Service

Inside each person is a beautiful, creative genius just waiting to be unleashed! Whether you are an actual artist, a nurse, an accountant, a volunteer leader or an entrepreneur (or all of the above) you have access to depths of creativity that will help you be even more happy and successful. Attendees will have fun in a session that’s safe for them to explore their creative best, where laughter and learning team up. Learn how to unleash your own creative genius through discussion and activities and use it to grow ideas that will inspire YOU and the teams, leaders, and volunteers you work with to think bigger and do better.

Intentional Vision Boards

Set your intentions for what you want to BE, DO and HAVE as you create a vision board to help you manifest your deepest dreams. 
This workshop includes the pre- and post-event work that will have you thinking, planning and taking actions that are the keys to discovering the dreams that are meant for you and the steps to take to bring them to life - not someday, but today.  



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