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March 03, 2016

The Creative Leader: How To Inspire The Best Ideas, Solutions and Service



Modern leaders are faced with challenges that require creative, sometimes non-traditional solutions. Public relations professionals who can tap into their creativity to solve problems, provide alternative perspectives, and inspire new strategies for continuing challenges are highly valued. We’re not talking about new ideas for ground breakings here (though that could be one outcome from your revitalized creative chops). We’re talking about something bigger and more impactful - creative leadership. Learn how to unleash your own creative genius through discussion and activities and use it to grow ideas that will inspire teams, leaders, and volunteers to think bigger and do better.


Themes of this session
~ Defining creative leadership and why it matters
~ Overcoming barriers to creativity
~ Releasing and owning your creativity
~ Creating a safe place where ideas can bloom
~ Growing an idea garden
~ Inspiring creativity in others


Participants will take away                                          
~ Skills and techniques for tapping into their own creativity and developing creativity in their teams
~ Methods for accessing creativity during busy and distracting times
~ How to use their creativity to be regarded as a valuable leader
~ 10 ways to release your creativity the day you return to work



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