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Central CA Women's Conference

I'm so excited to be speaking again at the Central CA Women's Conference next week. We are completely sold out! Could it be that the amazing Maria Shriver is going to once again be our keynote luncheon speaker?

I will be presenting two workshops - one by popular demand on the big stage and my newest presentation!

Up Your Love Game

Many of us carry around an invisible burden - it’s like an extremely heavy backpack filled with things like fear, shame, regret, pain, loss, and anger. Sound familiar? While your backpack might be invisible to others, it sure is easy to see the impact it has in your life and your happiness. When you hold that backpack so close, it makes an excellent barrier between yourself and other people. It blocks love: love for yourself; love for others; love from others.

Get More FUN In Your Life!

When we were kids we played and explored and laughed every day. Pretty much everything we did was fun (except, perhaps,for eating peas and going to the dentist). So what happened?Society and rules and fear of looking stupid happened. Bills and babies and bosses happened. We are taught that life is too serious to waste time having fun. But I would say that because life is serious we MUST seek out fun and laughter. Science agrees.

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