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A sweet way to make a difference!

Each month at Lighthearted Life we feature a woman entrepreneur whose business or endeavor is making a difference in her community. This month's featured woman is Carolyn Chapparo and her homemade cookie business CC Sweets. I have known Carolyn since kindergarten and she continues to inspire me with the love she shares through her volunteer work AND her dedication to running marathons for those who cannot run. In the name of full disclosure, I must tell you that I am addicted to her lemon sugar cookies.

Lighthearted Life: What was your previous career? Carolyn: I worked in the retail industry for approx. 20 years in Corporate Investigations.

Lighthearted Life: How did you decided to leave that career? Carolyn: I was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition that influenced my decision to leave that industry.

Lighthearted Life: When did you launch your business? Carolyn: 2011 is when I actively started baking for others. I consider myself more of a hobbyist baker.

Lighthearted Life: What is your goal/purpose for the business? Carolyn: To help support and fund my volunteer activities within my community.

Lighthearted Life: How does your business help others and/or contribute to our community? Carolyn: I volunteer and donate my baked goods to several organizations, the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Icing Smiles, Pacifica Senior Living and various other events throughout the year that support my community.

Lighthearted Life: How has CC Sweets sweetened your life? Carolyn: God has blessed me with a talent and I believe that my gift back is to give to others.

Lighthearted Life: How can customers reach you? Carolyn: I can be reached at or 951-733-3885. Your readers can follow me on FB - CCsweets, on Instagram - @ccsweets01, or on my website at:

Lighthearted Life: Do you have a favorite quote / book / motto that helps shape your outlook? Carolyn: I love to read inspirational books and quotes so I have several that have helped shaped me.. but to sum it up into one simple quote I would say “We Rise by Lifting Others” – Robert Ingersoll.

Lighthearted Life: Is there anything else you'd like to share? Carolyn: I love what I do. In my life, God comes first, then everything else falls into place. I’m married to my best friend, have two beautiful grandchildren and 3 furry friends… I am blessed!

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